Radiators and Coolers

Trantech radiators have been developed for maximum flexibility and are available in two types: Integrated Header(IHR) and Welded Header. The 520mm provides a DIN Standard radiator configured to meet North American requirements. Standard center line mounting lengths range from 21 to 180 inches.

Trantech coolers are designed and engineered to cool oil used in power transformers.

Cooling Components

Our cooling system products include transformer oil pumps, butterfly valves, oil flow relays, intelligent control boxes and other complete sets of electrical equipment.

The Flexoplate® Advantage
The unique Flexoplate® ripple design offers clear advantages. The extended convective surface area of our exclusive design means Flexoplate® delivers outstanding heat transfer efficiency. In addition, the ripple surface provides exceptional strength and rigidity, giving measurable reductions in vibration and noise levels.

Plates are formed from cold rolled steel with vertical ripples to maximize prime heat transfer surface. To increase oil flow and heat dissipation, the end of each plate is designed with a thicker oil film, sloping toward the large open slot in the header tube.

Flexoplate® radiators are available in the widest selection of types in the industry, including a choice of weld-on or demountable styles in a complete range of sizes.